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You Can Master VFR Communications
Don't let "mic fright" ruin your next flight.  Overcome that intimidation or refresh your skills with COMM1 VFR, exchanging actual dialogue with Air Traffic Controllers from the safety of your desktop. This Windows™- and Mac™-based instructional CD-ROM is the closest thing to talking on the cockpit radio that you'll find anywhere.

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Hear "live" air traffic controllers working your aircraft and other traffic in real-time settings through all types of airspace.

Simulate ATC communications in dozens of lessons over the full range of VFR flight situations.

Master AIM and FAA-approved radio phraseology.

Prepare for each exercise with narrated briefings.

Learn to anticipate ATC instructions and sequences in every type of airspace.

Practice Makes Perfect
The only way to become comfortable and proficient talking on the radio is with practice, right? COMM1 VFR has over 6 linear hours of interactive communication training — but you can practice for days and weeks on end, through all kinds of weather.  By mastering radio management skills with COMM1 VFR, you'll always be one step ahead of the next radio call.

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"Tune" the photorealistic interactive radio stack.

Record and playback your own radio calls with interactive audio exercises.

Operate the on-screen COM 1, COM 2, NAV 1, NAV 2, and audio panel — COMM1 radios tune and respond just like the real thing.

Simulate emergency radio procedures from the safety of your desktop.

Access the most widely-used aviation resources for frequencies and communication information from the Airport/Facility Directory, AOPA's Airport Directory and Sectional Charts.

Airspace Avoidance
Ever fly around a big chunk of airspace just to avoid talking to ATC?  No more.  COMM1's instructionally sound curriculum takes you through progressively more complex airspace so that you can feel confident in any environment.

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Detailed graphics depict your aircraft and aid you in each lesson.

Use actual aeronautical charts, airport diagrams and other visual aids in over 70 comprehensive lessons and scenarios.

Talk to ATC and other pilots as you fly through Class B, C, D and TRSA airspace.

Hear examples of what you are expected to perform in each lesson.

Talk the Talk
If you get tongue-tied when you pick up the mic, then COMM1 will help you untie the knot.  Being prepared with what to say, when, and in what order is half the battle when mastering radio communication skills. Practice selecting and saying the correct radio announcements and responses in all types of flight settings.

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Hearing is believing when you hone your radio skills with FAA-reviewed Comm1: VFR Radio Simulator.

Learn when to transmit in the midst of "live" ATC exchanges.

Receive immediate audio feedback to your recorded radio calls.

Critique and compare your own radio speech with that of an expert.

Practice making requests for Radar Flight-Following and Approach/ Departure Clearances.

You Do the Math . . .
Few pilots can afford to log all the hours necessary to concentrate on their radio proficiency in a rental aircraft.  COMM1 VFR offers you over 6 hours of self-paced, interactive communication training — that's $450 of dual time at most FBOs — for only $99.95!

The most economical aviation communication training solution available anywhere.

A sound investment in your own flight safety.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


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